Choreography: Carolyn Carlson
Music: Loreena McKennitt

Premiere: La Biennale in Venice 99

Talia Paz originates from the deep roots of Israel. Water, Sun and Sand.
A poem in movement, which expresses itself through its sheer existence.
Talia IS the passion to move and the memory of all that is in her heritage. The salty water, the scorching sun.
This base is essential in expressing these vital forces, the primitive instinct of perception.
When one is thirsty: one drinks,
When one is creative: one moves.
Space strewn with the heat and humidity of a body.
The inner force to part from - share a memory- a souvenir.

Why water?
Why woman?
Why dance?

(Carolyn Carlson)

"Talia Paz…
An artist rich of temperament, excellent on the technical level, which puts herself to the test in a beautiful chorographical passage by Carolyn Carlson (scenography by De Luigi).
"La parola dell'acqua", (to delightful music by McKennitt), seem to resound with contagious Dionysian joy.
Through the "Carlsonian writing", Paz creates, at last the image of the contemporary woman. Conscious of her self and the world. Of her body: a plant destined to bloom.
Conscious even in the Israeli desert where the woman - as Moni Ovadia tells - is mother and queen of suffering. However, strong and warm like the sun on the sand.
And if it is the desert of the soul, the song of water shall urge it on its existential voyage. Because the woman - with infinite symbology - is water that flows and dances.

"Il Gazzettino"
October 1999

A successful and involving experience, which serves as an insight to Talia Paz's talent and harmony….
Water talk involves choreography, which Talia participated in the Biennale Di Venezia in 1999.
Talia is a goddess coming out sinuously from the water, frightened by the world she sees around her but at the same time fascinated when she becomes involved in it, a universe of which she will never take part in because her destiny will be to return to the water..."

"IL Giornale Di Vicenza"
By: Marita Dalla Via
August 2004