Choreography: Mats Ek
Music: Arvo Part
For Alina
(23 min duet or 8 min solo)

Originally, under the title of Smoke, this ballet was created for the Swedish Television in 1996.

Solo for Two is a melancholy love duet to music by the Estonian composer Arvo Part. The two characters, the man and the woman, are each other's reflections.

"In the great duet solo for two the oversized wall and staircase seems to symbolize the man's nursery fantasies mother/ lover - a giant personality in the shape of the magnificent Talia Paz. She changes his clothes, yet she needs him to nurse her too, Their passions are big, painful and confusing. This has evolved into one of those ballets that rips open the subconscious like lightning shattering a tree."

The telegraph
June 2001

Talia Paz danced a magnificent three solos that transmit via movement and music deep emotions…
Solo For Two by Mats Ek, is a contradiction in terms in which the other one is not there but has a perceivable noticeable presence, same times disguised in a man's shoe abandoned on the floor, in a melting letter , in a dance for two which executes alone.

IL Giornale Di Vicenza
By: Marita Dalla Via
August 2004