Choreography: Sharon Eyal
(Original cho' for the Bat Sheva Dance Company)
Music: Lisa Germano
Total time: 11 min

Sharon Eyal, Bat Sheva's company new house choreographer, and a dancer with the company for 13 years during Naharin's
tenure as artistic director .

"…from a little child at the bottom of the sea
with the earth and the moon above me,

There is love, there is love to be found
It's a buzz it's the buzz

Falling fast, raise your glass
Fill your open sores
While you last wear your mask, wear it like its real

Like home
These are my pearls
Like home

(Lisa Geronimo)

"… and finally the them of love by Sharon Eyal, is a violent love, sometimes cruel, true and bare such as the bare stage with a unique light directed on Talia Paz which does not hide the darkest side of passion. The artistic gesture leaves a hope, in an engaged look, somewhat disenchanted but still dreamy and romantic towards the horizon…"
Il Giornale Di Vicenza By: Di Marita Dalla Via August 22, 2004