Choreography: Rami Levi
Music: Henryk Gorecky Symphony no' 3

Total time: 15 min
Premier: 18 November 04
It is often claimed that a work of art, while in contrast to time, may challenge elements of nature and the divine creation.
Rami Levi's new work, performed by the phenomenal Talia Paz is a breath- taking vision that vibrates as if observing a sparkling waterfall, open wilderness or birth.
"Bliss" is the quite after the storm, the seed of promise that is buried deep in the ground, and the deep silence reflecting eternity- which is the utmost truth. From the moment, that the curtain rises until it goes down, the audience is drawn into another dimension in which every blink of the eye is a loss.
Talia Paz is transforming, in front of the audience, a hypnotizing creature that has never been seen before. The continued flow of movement from tip to toe is tranquil, flexible, elongated, brittle, and powerful.
Levi draws his images from the animal kingdom and develops them into something else, full of magic.
The music that accompanies the work is the third symphony by Henryk Gorecky, and it results in a glorious totality.

Merav jodulevich

Ynet, 22/11/2004